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Hotel In Japan Fires Half The Robots Making More Work For Humans

It seems that even robots are having a hard time when it comes to job. The Henn-na “Strange” Hotel in Japan has slashed off 50% of its 243 robots after they generated more issues than they might resolve, the media report claimed.

One of the layoffs comprised a doll-shaped robot assistant in every hotel room dubbed as Churi. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa can answer queries related to opening and closing times of local businesses, but Churi could not. When hotel guests queried Churi “What time the theme park starts?” it did not have a proper answer. That was an issues since Churi was supposed to assist improve the staff shortage of Strange Hotel by replacing human employees.

Many of the bots that have been fired were in employment for years, making them out-of-date. The hotel made a decision that it was easier to fire them rather than replace them, mentioning high prices. And eventually, a lot of the work had to be done by humans anyhow, particularly when it came to asking more complicated queries. It appears that we are still a little ways off from an entirely automated service.

On a related note, earlier claimed that it has joined hands with Marriott International Inc to assist elevate guest authorization to facilities with Alexa, via its voice-activated device Echo. This comes in a bid to extend its attendance in the hospitality sector.

Alexa for hospitality will help in offering services tuning from requesting housekeeping to ordering room service or calling the caretaker for dinner suggestions without having the need to pick up the phone. The firm claimed that the joint venture will begin at Marriott’s select properties this summer and the offering will be accessible to other hotel chains by invitation. Various media reports had claimed that Marriott had tested both Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Inc’s Siri to choose what was best suitable for its hotels.

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