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Paccar And Toyota Collaborate Over Clean Hydrogen Trucks In LA

Environmental officials said that the two ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles are one of the nastiest sources of air pollution in the region. This is the concern the regulators are trying to deal with the planned reduction of the 16,000 smoking trucks serving the region’s shipping centers.

The kind clean technology it will replace is far from certain, but one of the world’s largest heavy-duty truck manufacturers, Paccar, is functioning hand-in-hand with Toyota to test a capable alternative.

At the CES this month, held in Las Vegas, cohorts revealed the first of 10 prototypes of hydrogen fuel cell trucks. This places the partners in the contest with players such as Tesla, who focus on the battery-powered semi-trucks.

In passenger cars such as Honda Clarity FCV and Toyota Mirai, it takes about 5 Minutes to refill a hydrogen tank with a traveling range of about 300 km, much less than that needed to charge a battery. While filling the hydrogen tank of a Class 8 truck takes longer, the time needed to recharge the batteries needed for a similar semi-truck would be significantly more in terms of to that condition.

The fuel cell system that will be deployed in the prototypes is provided by Toyota. It will be equipped with the latest version of a unique test vehicle that was used in ports last year. The new trucks will, in reality, connect two fireplaces that produce about or 306 hp or 228 kilowatts. This devalues the power of the technology, as the electric motors that drive the wheels produce considerable torque, although Paccar and Toyota representatives do not have definitive torque values.

It is totally unclear at present that which technology will conquer the fort at the end, but one thing is firmly certain that Californian regulators wish to see no diesel trucks at the ports of Las Vegas.

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