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Google Maps To Show Speed Limits For Its iOS And Android Apps

From almost last 2 Years, many of us have relied on a primordial Garmin GPS for long distance trips, in part, due to its unique feature that Google Maps was missing: speed limits. Reportedly, we might stop switching very soon, as Google is introducing a novel feature in Google Maps for Android as well as iOS devices.

The latest feature shows the posted speed limit on roads in the corner area of the app. It also adds an icon that denotes the location of speed cameras. Mashable reported that drivers will be alerted with an audio notification when they are about to approach a speed trap. Currently, this update is introduced to users in the U.K., Denmark, and the U.S. At the same time, speed camera icons are getting introduced to Brazil, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, the U.K., the U.S., and Russian users.

On a similar note, a novel app grabbed users’ attention as it is getting features from Google’s Digital Wellbeing app; a set of useful tools to tell on which apps the user is spending extra time, and opens several of them up to all Android phones. It is named ActionDash. The latest app comes from the developer of Action Launcher, which is the home screen customization app.

When the user opens the app, ActionDash displays them a clear breakdown of which apps have been taking up their time on that day, how many times they have unlocked their phone, and the number of notifications they have received. Swiping to diverse screens lets the user see breakdowns by hour, by day, and by app. ActionDash appears and feels almost close to Digital Wellbeing. Both the apps are so identical that while doing their comparison, the user might frequently double check which app they are in.

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