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Samsung Looks For Patent For A 3D Screen With Image Recognition

Samsung has filed a new copyright application at the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) for 3D screens that consumers might link to their tablets and smartphones, media claimed. These screens can exist as monitors or TV sets and display content ranging from videos and photographs to 3D games. The illustrations comprised with the patent also demonstrate that consumers might forward the data presented on their handsets to the 3D displays.

“For instance, if the consumer is on a call, the display can show the individual that they are presently speaking to currently and the screen can also be employed to control the music files’ playback that the consumer forwarded from their smartphone,” the media claimed. The 3D screen also sports a 3D UI (user interface) that would let consumers to communicate with the device either by stylus pens or via touch. These screens can also be sport sensors that sense user-contact with virtual objects shown by the handsets with the help of ultrasound waves or infrared radiation to track how the individuals communicate with the content, the media claimed.

On a related note, Samsung appears to be getting ready to enter in the drone sector. The firm earlier filed for a new copyright that explains a drone-akin machine. The filing was posted by the USPTO.

This will also highlight as the first time when a handset maker is aiming to roll out a drone in the industry. What is more fascinating is that the firm is not just aiming an ordinary drone. The patent discloses that the firm is operating on a transformable device, something we have not seen before. If the reports are to be seen, the drone will be a next-gen device for its Galaxy series handsets. The filing recommends that the device will come with folding arms and tons of specifications. In addition to the camera, it will have a barometer, gyros, ultrasonic, compass, light, temperature, and ultraviolet sensors.

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