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Almost 37% Companies Adopted AI All Over The World

Considering the level of convenience and ease that AI (Artificial Intelligence) brings with its use and implementation, the number of organizations that accepted AI in some manner or the other all over the world has increased to 37% today from 25% in 2018, claimed media reports. The usage of AI has increased 3 times in the last year with 52% of telecom organizations using chatbots and 38% of healthcare suppliers depending on computer-based diagnostics.

“Four years back, implementation of AI was rare, just 10% of survey respondents claimed that their firm had used AI or will do so soon. For this year, that figure has increased and went to 37%. This is a 270% elevation in four years,” claimed the media report.

The study—that was performed to assist IT leaders and CIOs (Chief Information Officers) to set management goals for this year—displayed that firms all over the industries employ AI in a series of applications.

“We still stay far from normal AI that can entirely take over complicated errands, but we have now made an entry in the realm of AI-augmented decision science and work,” the report added. On the other hand, 54% of respondents to the study saw shortage of skill as the biggest hurdle that their organization faced.

On a related note, the employment of AI provides almost $340 Billion (almost Rs. 23.8 Lakh Crores) cost-saving chance for those retail firms that are capable of scaling and expanding the scope of their current deployments, as per a new worldwide study from Capgemini, the French technology services behemoth.

On the other hand, just 1% of retailers have attained this amount of deployment so far, displayed the results from the study named as “Building the Retail Superstar: How unleashing AI across functions offers a multi-billion dollar opportunity”.

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