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Local Health Officials Give Nod To Make 21 The Minimum Age For Vaping

Vaping supporters took to D.C. to hold a gathering to insist President Trump on not putting bounds on flavored vapes. Also, plans are being made by the Trump administration to increase the minimum age to purchase vaping items to 21 “or so” any time this week. It is a battle that surfaced as an epidemic of vaping-associated lung illness carries on to increase across the nation. Nevada has had numerous verified cases and over 30 dead & with over 2,000 sickened across the nation, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) is in agreement with the potential step.

The Director of Communications for SNHD, Dr. Michael Johnson, said, “We are strongly in the agreement of escalating the age to 21. We pressed harder for a “Tobacco 21″ but we are functioning on that for the subsequent session too.” The fight surfaced as scientists with the CDC discovered that Vitamin E Acetate, a thickening agent, was present in the lungs of numerous patients. Johnson explained, “When Vitamin E Acetate turns into vapor when it is heated to a high extent. After its inhalation, it converts into an oily liquid within the lungs. That is what the CDC deems is bringing about much of the harm.”

Likewise, it is also likely that vaping can affect the long-standing eye health of an individual. Cranford-based Better Vision New Jersey’s Dr. Joseph Calderone stated e-cigarettes have only been present for the last 15 Years, thus there hasn’t been much study regarding vaping’s impacts on the eyes. However, the eyes can absolutely suffer because of the vapors.

Risk is posed by all vapors to eye health. A few chemicals within vapors can exasperate the eyes and aggravate dry eye. Nicotine drug effects—like an accelerated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and even insulin resistance—are delivered by any nicotine vapor. A few of these side-effects are risk factors for severe eye conditions like retinopathy, glaucoma, and more.

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