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Earth’s Environmental Challenges Can Be Tackled By Exploring Space

Earth today faces mounting environment based challenges caused partly due to human interference and natural changes like rising sea levels, climate change, desertification and shortage of food resources. Due to increasing threat from climate change it is now critical for us to use all means possible to create sustainability practices that will protect existing resources and lead to growth of existing ones. Though some may wonder about how we can reduce the pace of change or damage as we cannot stop issues like waste of water, emissions, pollution and several others.

We humans have learnt that one of the most effective methods to stop this damage is to use our available natural resources on earth in a sustainable and efficient manner so that they can be replenished back in the shortest possible time. Other way is to reduce consumption, reduce wastage and emissions some of which have been learnt during space exploration and utilization of available resources. As strict limits on weight gain and loss are applied during launches of spacecraft it gives lessons on conservation, preservation and recycling. The Morocco based Kenitra University is now applying the techniques learnt in space for filtering and purifying ground water.

The experiment which brought drinking water to 1200 students in the campus is done by developing and recycling waste water into drinking water. This example shows how clear planning to develop innovative technologies for water conservation and efficiency that could be very useful in forthcoming years as it is estimated that around two thirds of the world’s population is likely to experience water scarcity by 2025. The UAE space agency has brought in several sustainable regulations into its regulatory handbook for space sector that include measure to reduce debris in space and implement projects that improve environmental efforts and sustainable practices both in UAE and across the world.

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