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Prenatal Vitamins During Early Pregnancy To Reduce Autism Risk In 2nd Child

Consumption of something like a simple parental vitamin, in the first pregnancy month could lower chances of having another child with autism. Scientists have said that giving birth to a child with autism increases the probability of the next child developing a similar problem. Studies show that pregnant women who consumed parental vitamins in the first month of conception were less likely to give birth to a child with autism disorder. Now, children who subsequently developed the disorder showed less severe disorders and had a higher thinking capacity, due to the consumption of vitamins.

An assistant professor from the University of California, Rebecca Schmidt said that, mothers who consumed parental vitamins have a lesser risk of giving birth to a child with an autism disorder.  Scientists say that there are certain components in parental vitamins like folic acid and vitamin B, which contribute to a better nourishment of the child. This research did not establish a concrete cause and effect relationship between the two. It is still being studied as to what are the actual nutrients that cause the difference. It has been understood that folic acid plays a major role in nourishing the neural tube. It also plays a very important part in oxidative stress. Although Schmidt says that folic acid isn’t the component contributing to nourishment from autism, there are other components as well. There are other factors like environment and genetics which also contribute in causing autism in children. It is proven that Parental vitamins are capable of reducing some of these contributing factors.

Developmental pediatrics chief, Dr. Andrew Adesman from New York said that the risk of the second child developing autism is a major dilemma that disturbs parents all around the world, who their first child with the disorder.  Dr. Adesman works for the Children’s medical center, New Hyde Park.

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