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NASA Marshall And UA Extends Partnership To Enhance In-Space Manufacturing

Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA in Huntsville is extending its affiliation with the University of Alabama (UA) to work together on sophisticated and in-space manufacturing—precedence in the endeavors of the space agency to take American astronauts again to the Moon and further. The deal intends to improve creative research supporting space exploration and reinforcing the education of aerospace workforce of the future. A Memorandum of Understanding was inked by UA President Stuart Bell and Marshall Director Jody Singer in the Rose Administration Building of UA shortly prior to the commencement of Space Days.

In-space manufacturing comprises creating the materials required for the mission utilizing constituents fetched from Earth or collected from Mars or the Moon. It can entail additive manufacturing methods such as 3D printing with electronics, metals, or plastics together with the abilities to characterize and design the objects. UA will improve its core program in spheres of sophisticated & in-space manufacturing and promote new partnerships to advance this budding technology. Spheres of prominence comprise analysis & simulation, modeling, robotics, data analytics, manufacturing & construction, navigation, rendezvous & capture, on-site resource utilization, advanced materials, digital design, and additive manufacturing.

Bell said, “Our collaboration with NASA is a significant priority in our attempts to offer opportunities for our researchers and students to put forward solutions to revolutionary challenges. Functioning to advance in-space manufacturing will institute the expertise of the University in the spheres while schooling skilled employees our state can depend on to stay competitive in the worldwide economy.”

On the other end, the Indian Space Research Organization aspires to launch a Venus mission. The final aim is to utilize an orbiter to chart the complete planet, plus to scan and understand what is going on underneath the surface, as per If successful, the mission can assist in giving researchers a much better comprehension of our planetary neighbor—comprising data regarding how its strange atmosphere behaves.

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