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China’s Role Is Important In The Earth Observations: International Experts

In recent time, international experts present during the 2019 GEO (Group on Earth Observations) Week in Canberra reported that China—which is 1 of 4 co-chairs of the organization—contributed significantly to the world by presenting the data to combat disaster risk reduction, sustainable development, and climate change. In an interview, Gilles Ollier—Euro GEO Co-Lead—said to Xinhua, “China’s role has been fundamental since the Asian country is 1 of 4 co-chairs of the GEO proposal. China has expended leadership from the beginning of GEO in 2005. And from that perspective, we can see that this week, the Chinese co-chair had extremely important accountability and has been guiding the debate in a very prudent manner.”

He added, “Positively, China will contribute at an international level to widen the earth observation for relevance in the domains such as agriculture, health, water management, and particularly in disaster risk reduction, for example, for extreme incidents associated with a climate change.” During the event, more than 60 delegates from China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Science and Technology, CNSA (China National Space Administration), CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and China Meteorological Administration were present. During the GEO Week 2019, the CNSA set up a platform for sharing information gathered by 16m multi-band cameras of the Gaofen earth observation satellites.

On a related note, recently, the Chinese mapping satellite was launched on Long March 4B rocket. An Earth observational satellite developed to gather three-dimensional mapping imagery was lifted on a Long March 4B rocket in the orbit with three smaller spaceships, counting one to examine an innovative French-made iodine thruster and a satellite built for Sudan. Acclaimed as a landmark in teamwork between amid Chinese and European space industries, the French thruster was constructed by a Paris-based startup titled ThrustMe.

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