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Crash Black Boxes Show Resemblances To Lion Air Accident: Ethiopia

Ethiopia proclaimed that the recent Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, which killed 157 people, had clear-cut similarities with October 2018’s Lion Air crash. This was revealed by the primary analysis of the black boxes recovered from the remains of the March 10, 2019 disaster. The crash has generated one of the most commonly watched and high-stakes investigations for years, with the recent version of Boeing’s commercial 737 workhorses depending on the result.

Both the planes crashed were MAX 8s. They were found crashed just a few minutes after taking off following pilots reported flight control issues. Distress over the plane’s security made the aviation authorities to land the model as well as wiping out billions of dollars off Boeing’s market value. Muse Yiheyis, Ethiopian Transport Ministry Spokesman, proclaimed that it was a similar case with the Indonesian (Lion Air) one. He added that there were clear-cut resemblances between the two crashes so far.

On a similar note, American Airlines came into the news as it disclosed this week suspension of flights to and from Venezuela in the course of disorder. This further isolated the South American country. American’s pilot union earlier last week said that it has informed its members to cancel any trips to the country. This move was taken following the State Department instructed the U.S. citizens to go away from the country. The department as well pulled its representatives from Venezuela.

Majority of the U.S. airlines previously stopped service to Venezuela in the course of economic and political disorder there. Reportedly, American was the last key U.S. airline to go to Venezuela and sells flights from Miami to Maracaibo and to Caracas. The latest shift threatens to further detach the South American nation that is caught up in a humanitarian disaster. In a statement, American proclaimed that the security and safety of its team members and customers is always its first priority and the firm will not work in countries which it does not consider safe.

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