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Ray Tracing Tech By NVIDIA Will Soon Operate On Older GTX Cards

NVIDIA has declared that its ray-tracing technology, only accessible on its new RTX cards up to now, is arriving to its earlier GeForce GTX 10 cards shortly. The tech will operate on GPUs from the GTX 1060 and above, although with some enhanced cautions. Some games such as Battlefield V will operate just fine and give enhanced visuals, but other titles, such as the freshly rolled Metro Exodus, will operate at only 18 fps. This is certainly an unplayable rate.

What games you will be capable of playing with ray-tracing technology (also dubbed as DXR) on NVIDIA GTX cards relies completely on how it is used. In Battlefield V, for example, the technology is only employed for things such as reflections. Above all that, you can dial down the advantage of the effect so that it uses minimum computing power. On the other hand, Metro Exodus employs ray tracing to create extremely pragmatic “global illumination” impacts, replicating lighting from the actual world.

On a related note, NVIDIA earlier started a new laboratory in Seattle, and it is meant to act as home for all its projects in robotics area. More than 50 research students and scientists from the University of Washington will operate in the plant below Dieter Fox, senior director of robotics research at NVIDIA.

He clarified that the lab will convey together an interdisciplinary & collaborative team of experts in robot perception & control, human-robot interaction, computer vision, and deep learning.”

NVIDIA is expecting that the lab can drive the next-gen of robots that can operate with people in open-ended surroundings not developed particularly for them. In fact, one of its major projects currently is a kitchen helper device, which is fueled by Titan GPUs and Jetson platform by NVIDIA and can operate in a real kitchen.

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