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Ride Hailing Drivers Prepare For Strike—Report

The ride-hailing drivers of Uber and Lyft are planning to go on a strike on March 25, 2019 as they are dissatisfied with the wage and treatment. These drivers are refusing to work for Lyft and Uber as they are hoping that this will push the companies for higher wages.

The same drivers had organized a protest earlier in 2017 at LAX. The ride-hailing drivers who were led by Rideshare Drivers United said that the strikes in past lacked planning and strategy, which led to low attendance and differing demands.

The drivers said that the problem was that the past strikes had focused on these drivers being considered as independent contractors. Although they say that they would prefer to be the employees of the company, currently they hope that they can gather a larger workforce if they focus on the pay factor.

A part time Uber driver Nicole Moore said if they become the employees of the companies then their rights can be protected by national laws which is a pathway to organizing things and a way to give them a right of a contract by the time they end their fight. She added that the drivers need gas in their cars so that they can pay rent and provide food to their families.

According to Moore, the group of drivers which has increased from 200-3000 from 2017, is demanding Uber to raise the fares to 25%. She added that for these rates she might work at the Amazon warehouse.

Uber said that it had changed the pay scale as it did not have the impact they had intended since it was introduced in September last year. The company said that other changes like higher pay per minute, promotions for new drivers will improve the take-home pay.

Victory for drivers in the NYC have raised hopes for drivers in the LAX.

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