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Amazon Echo’s Hacking Allows Two Security Researchers To Bag $60,000

In the Pwn2Own hacking challenge of this year, the tag of top hackers is been given to 2 security researchers after building and verifying numerous high-profile exploits, comprising Amazon Echo hacking. Richard Zhu and Amat Cama, who frame Team Fluoroacetate, in bug bounties, gained $60,000 for their integer overflow exploit against a most recent Alexa-supported smart display, Amazon Echo Show 5.

The researchers discovered that the device utilizes older Chromium variant, open-source browser projects of Google, which had been divided for a time during its development. The Director of Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, Brian Gorenc, said that the bug enabled them to take “complete command” over the gadget if linked to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot. Their exploits were tested by the researchers in a radio-frequency shielding enclosure to put off any external meddling. In a statement to TechCrunch, Gorenc said, “This patch gap was an ordinary factor in several of the IoT devices undermined during the competition.”

An integer overflow bug takes place when a mathematical operation attempts to generate a number but has no storage for it in its memory, making the number to spill outside over its assigned memory. This, in turn, can have security repercussions for the gadget. Amazon, when reached, stated it was “looking into this study and will be taking suitable measures to defend our gadgets founded on our examination,” but didn’t state when and what steps it would take to mend the vulnerabilities.

Likewise, the Echo was not the sole internet-linked gadget at the show. The contest, earlier this year, stated hackers would have a chance to hack into video calling-supported smart display of the social media giant, Facebook Portal. Nevertheless, hackers couldn’t exploit Facebook Portal. Also, NSO Group, a notorious spyware vendor, is being sued by WhatsApp, stating the firm was actively engaged in hacking users of the chat service.

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